PEMFCs (Kind of my fav): The Aimy Bazylak Group

Dr. Aimy Bazylak of the University of Toronto leads a research group focused on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs).

I think PEMFCs are very, very cool, as is the huge amount of research going on around them right now. Basically, they use hydrogen as fuel, which means that the exhaust from electricity production is all water and heat. Since they’re fairly lightweight, they’d be great candidates for use in vehicles.

As with any neat emerging technology, there are tonnes of avenues for research going on simultaneously. Right now, Bazylak’s group is using the CLS to investigate how water pathways in different parts (specifically the gas diffusion and microporous layers) of the PEMFCs affect function.

Dr. Bazylak doesn’t appear in any of the photos, just the students in her research group. They were wildly goofy and so much fun — note the mysterious blue liquid known as Gatorade making an appearance in this photoset.

Bazylak group students on BMIT

Dr. Bazylak’s students (from left) on the beamline: Dan Muirhead, Chung Lee, Pranay Shrestha, Andrew Wong, Nan Ge, and Jongmin Lee

Nan Ge and Andrew Wong in the BMIT lab. Discussing mysterious blue liquid.

Nan Ge University of Toronto Canadian LIght Source

Nan Ge makes an ~important~ phone call.

Goofing around in BMIT Lab

Deeply dissapointed this one came out so blurry. But so much good going on.