Plant Science! Gurcharn Brar and wheat

This fellow, Gurcharn Brar, uses all kinds of CLS techniques to look inside wheat, and understand how diseases (in this case, wheat blight) progress in them. The combination of techniques shows both chemical and physical changes, and can help create healthier breeds.

plant science food security wheat

Gurcharn on Mid-IR. which he uses to map changes in wheat following wheat scab infection at the micron (one tenthousandth of a centimeter) level.

Gurcharn Brar

Gurcharn Brar with his wheat plants in the University of Saskatchewan greenhouse.
“Those are my plant carrying resistance genes to FHB that I use for experiments. I inoculate the flower of wheat with Fusarium graminearum (the fungus that causes wheat scab) and then assess changes in the cell wall using mid-IR and X-ray computed tomography.” – Brar

biomedical imaging ct plants

Gurcharn setting camera and beamline tools for X-ray and CT imaging key for understanding the structure of wheat in his experiments.