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Anyway. Here's a collection of work and projects from science writing to poetry. 

A note about the blog title: in math and physics, the prefix eigen means one's own. It comes from the german, but mostly I always liked thinking about a particle's eigenvalues, and thought I might apply the same thought to my excursions.

An outfit fulla rarrs

An outfit fulla rarrs

Making baby clothes rules because it’s just so quick and easy. 


This project was just “we need more cute summer things for the baby” inspired. My stash, such as it is, is pretty heavily stocked towards cute organic cotton Lycras from the Carden Fabric closing sale. These tigers are from that group, and are by Paapii Design.

Both patterns are Brindille and Twig: the ringer tee and the cuff shorts, both lightly modified. 

Baby measured a pretty solid 24m in both, but I cut a 3t in the shirt because babies grow and shirts last beyond summer. Shorts I kept on size because summer is short. 

I left all edges raw, which made the shorts craaaazy simple. Threee pieces! 

For the shirt, I converted the neck band to a raw neck band - half the pattern piece so you eliminate the fold over and attached.


I added the band and cuff finished lengths to the body and sleeves. For the bottom, I then trimmed half an inch up front and added 2 inches at center back then gently curved the back of the shirt up to the front. I also added and inch at the bottom of either side and drew a straight line from the armpit to that extension at hem. The result is a super relaxed vibe.

However. Sizing up and adding length has turned this into a very cute dress basically and it covers up the dang ol cute shorts! So I cut another inch from the hem and that’s that. Knits rule.

eally happy with these edits, all around, and  all that cotton Lycra means it’s easy for baby to climb around. The exciting thing for me is he started pointing at the tigers and repeating "rarr."


Pattern: Modified Brindille and Twig Ringer T and Cuff Shorts
Size: Shorts 2T, Shirt 3T
Fabric: Yellow Tigers by Paapii Design
If there is a next time: Might try to pay attention to pattern placement JUST a tiny bit



Named's Blair Batwings

Named's Blair Batwings