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Students' Council: Feb. 10, 2010

Students' Council: Feb. 10, 2010


Special General Meeting

The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Special General Meeting is March 3 at 6pm in Arts 143. The last day to put forward amendments is Feb. 17, so if you’re picking up The Sheaf fresh off the presses, go to ussu.ca/events to get yours in.

Discussion on vice president external Blair Shumlich’s proposal to eliminate his position was spared from the Feb. 10 meeting of council as it will be saved for the SGM.

Place Riel update

Place Riel renovations are over budget.

Due to some confusion over how GST is applied to projects like Place Riel, the actual taxes undergrads have to cover are about $50,000 more than projected.

Consultant fees also contributed to the high budget, as they are approximately $100,000 over budget.

The allocation of debt between the administration and USSU is yet to be determined, but the costs still fall within the infrastructure funding available to the project.

Social Justice Centre

The ad-hoc committee on the viability and necessity of creating a Social Justice Centre on campus hasn’t formed a recommendation yet.

The committee, formed Jan. 20, were asked to present a recommendation at the Feb. 10 meeting which was to be included in preliminary budget talks for next year.

“We had a short time to take on a monumental task,” said St. Thomas More representative Galen Richardson. The group will meet with existing social justice groups on campus this week and will likely form a recommendation for the Feb. 17 meeting of council.

Emergency Student Loans

The U of S offers short term interest free loans to students in unexpectedly tight financial situations, but few take advantage of the service.

Frank Kusch and Vicki Squires from Emergency Student Loans came by council to talk about how the program works and ways to get the word out. Only 10 councillors were aware of the program.

The loans range from $500 to $800, to be repaid within the same term. However, the loans can be extended on a case-by-case basis.

Shumlich recommended loaning the USSU executive money for a surprise visit to Hawaii, which would be paid back interest-free. He insisted this would boost the program’s profile significantly.

The service is offered through Student Central.

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Copyright licensing changes could increase fees by over 1200 per cent

Copyright licensing changes could increase fees by over 1200 per cent

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