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A note about the blog title: in math and physics, the prefix eigen means one's own. It comes from the german, but mostly I always liked thinking about a particle's eigenvalues, and thought I might apply the same thought to my excursions.

Students' Council: Feb. 17, 2011

Students' Council: Feb. 17, 2011


Vice president external Blair Shumlich invited students to come talk to him about his quest to eliminate the external job. Referencing the little work his portfolio demands on his time, he told councillors, “Come speak with me sometime. As I’ve said, I’ve got a lot of spare time.”

Place Riel update

Microwaves are still a long way off for Lower Place Riel. There are no plug-ins for them. So, after the construction is over, it’s likely that they’ll be put in on the North East end.

Over the break, fire rated windows were put into the Murray Building, but the rest will be installed on Sundays throughout March. None of Upper Place Riel can be opened to the public until the installations are completed.

Library theft concerns

Indigenous Students’ Council representative Jared Brown said he had heard about two recent major thefts at the library, one of a computer, and another of a computer, wallet and iPod.

“I shouldn’t have to be scared to go to the bathroom and worry if my stuff is still there,” said Brown.

Brown’s main question was why there were no cameras on upper floors of the library.

“This is a multimillion dollar institution”¦ this is incomprehensible to me,” he said.

Vice President student affairs Leon Thompson agreed to follow up on the cameras.

Social Justice Centre

The Social Justice Centre ad-hoc committee, charged with determining the viability and importance of creating such a centre, did not find its creation vital. Galen Richardson, one of the committee members, told council that “things didn’t line up with the mandate and the needs.”

They sent a needs survey to 20 campus clubs, to which four groups replied. Some interpreted the response as a sign of apathy towards the centre, though Richardson said it could be a simple matter of having contacted the wrong groups.

The clubs saw the centre as an opportunity to create a solid volunteer base, enhance the student experience and to bring social justice issues, as well as a peer support opportunity, much like other centres.

A full report will be available at the next meeting of council.

Students' Council: March 3, 2011

Students' Council: March 3, 2011

Survey synthesis guides priorities, finds students basically satisfied

Survey synthesis guides priorities, finds students basically satisfied