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Students' Council honours former premier Roy Romanow

Students' Council honours former premier Roy Romanow


The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union honoured former NDP premiere Roy Romanow by naming their brand new chambers after him. Romanow, who served as premiere from 1991 to 2001, graced the room with his name and presence March 10. The visit was a throwback to his early political days, when he was president of the Students’ Representative Council — what became the USSU — in 1961.

At that time, the core issues were health care reform and international relations. Dealing with those issues helped guide his political career.

“There was no room for anyone to be neutral. I was pro-medicare,” he said. Having honed his skill for debate through student activism, he finished his law degree at the U of S and was elected to legislature in 1967.

Today, the USSU has housing and tuition to deal with.

“Do all you can to fight hard for those causes students think are important,” Romanow urged councillors.

The USSU’s current president, Chris Stoicheff, told those in attendance that “Romanow is without a doubt the most appropriate choice,” for the council chambers’ name.

“Thank you for one of the greatest honours ever bestowed on me,” said Romanow of the honour.

“This is a great university, with a great contribution to the country, to be a part of that and have the youth of today and tomorrow come out of the clear blue to surprise me and honour me in this way is something to which I am greatly indebted,” he added.

The new chambers are part of the Place Riel update. They are immediately noticeable upon entering the building from the main doors, directly before the stairs.

The chambers offer much more room, accessibility and comfort than the old student council chambers, which were tucked below Saskatchewan Hall residences.

All students are welcome to attend meetings at 6 p.m. on Thursdays, and it’s worthwhile for all the shiny new mics and sometimes-riveting debate.


image: Pete Yee/The Sheaf

this piece first appeared in The Sheaf - The University of Saskatchewan Newspaper Since 1912.

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