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A note about the blog title: in math and physics, the prefix eigen means one's own. It comes from the german, but mostly I always liked thinking about a particle's eigenvalues, and thought I might apply the same thought to my excursions.

Students' Council: March 3, 2011

Students' Council: March 3, 2011



The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union will now be bound by the bylaws to consult a lawyer before posting proposed amendments to the bylaw online.

Previously, the wording did not demand that this be done, though the USSU did have amendments vetted prior to posting them. At the Annual General Meeting, this became a cause for concern for two students whose amendments were deemed illegal and were not posted publicly.

It was made bylaw-official that the USSU’s board of directors is in fact its executive, as is already the unwritten understanding.

Another amendment was proposed to prevent the executive from independently changing its firing practices, but it did not pass. It remains that the executive protocol policy and the members of council must decide to fire an executive member for them to be removed.

Fair and open elections times for members of council have been extended to include March, to better reflect practice and to facilitate elections without interfering with exams. It passed.

Roman Nahachewsky tried to define pi in the bylaw, again. Goddammit.

“We were so close to the end,” said chair before calling the motion out of order.

Vice president student affairs Leon Thompson also took the opportunity to shamelessly plug the USSU radio show on CFCR on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

Social Justice Centre

The committee met with vice president academic affairs Kelsey Topola, vice president operations and finance Scott Hitchings and president Chris Stoicheff to go over the mandate one final time before releasing their findings. Debate on the centre will be at council next week.

Urban planner Cynthia Nikitin on how to build great public spaces

Urban planner Cynthia Nikitin on how to build great public spaces

Students' Council: Feb. 17, 2011

Students' Council: Feb. 17, 2011